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Professional Stand-up Comedy Showcase

Secret Comedy Club is a professional comedy club experience. We produce funny comedy shows.  Enjoy our club at your favorite bars, restaurants, breweries and theaters.

We deliver an awesome night of comedy!  At Secret Comedy Club you’ll see a giant variety of very funny stand-up comedians.  We scout the best comedy shows in Denver.  As a result, we deliver the funniest comedians directly to you!

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Secret Comedy Club Features

  • The best line-up of comedians!.
  • The funniest new jokes!
  • Original stand-up comedy!
  • Awesome locations close to home!
  • Outstanding food and drinks!

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The Benefits of #SecretComedyClub

  • Meet new people.
  • Watch live stand-up comedy.
  • Discover great bars, restaurants and theaters.
  • Share fun experiences.
  • Follow #SecretComedyClub and laugh all month long!

Secret Comedy Club - Chuck Roy


Our best Secret Audience Members fill out surveys.  We value feedback.  It helps make the show better every time!

Examples Of Our Best Feedback

  • “Liked the variety of comics, it was a great show!”
  • “This was my first ever show and I loved the comedians
  • “What was not to like? Professional Comedians, Great food!! Fabulous libations!! Great service!! I especially liked the Emcee!! She was AWESOME!”
  • “It was hilarious!”

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Who is Secret Comedy Club?

  • Our professional stand-up comedy shows are hand crafted by a funny team of stand-up comedians from Colorado Comedy Shows, LLC.
  • Terri Barton Gregg (Hold Please Productions) and Chuck Roy (Hulu, NetFlix, Red Rocks Amphitheatre) produce each episode to deliver the best audience experience.

What is Secret Comedy Club?

  • This event is a stand-up comedy showcase.
  • The show starts with a professional host comedian experienced at delivering an outstanding evening of comedy.
  • Expect great comedy at the start of every show!
  • Your host will introduce you to a line-up of very funny comedians.
  • You will see a variety of comedians and humor.
  • We search for the funniest comedians, craft original comedy and create a comedy club atmosphere inside of Colorado’s best restaurants, bars, night clubs and theaters.

When is Secret Comedy Club?

  • Public information about secret comedy club events is posted on our Calendar.
  • Private events and secret comedy missions are available to Secret Comedy Club members.
  • Join the club by confirming your email address.

Where is Secret Comedy Club?

  • Thank you for asking but this information is Top Secret.

How do I get tickets to Secret Comedy Club?

  • A ticket button and link is provided when tickets are available for public purchase.

I’m ready to go to the show. Can you hook me up with 2 Free Tickets?

  • Yes! Join the club and get 2 free tickets when you sign up here.

Secret Comedy Club - Book A Professional Comedy Show

Book Secret Comedy Club at your favorite restaurant, small venue or office!

How can my restaurant get a Secret Comedy Club?

How can my theater get a Secret Comedy Club?

  • This production is a great idea to fill your calendar.
  • Learn More

How can my small venue get a Secret Comedy Club?

  • This is specially designed for small venues like breweries, distilleries, dispensaries, vineyards and restaurants.
  • Our mission is to bring the best comedy club experience directly to the best beers, drinks and food in Colorado, please contact us.
  • Learn More

How can my college, university or community college get a Secret Comedy Club?

  • Your school will get a wicked awesome stand-up comedy show!
  • It’s no secret that Chuck Roy, an Executive Producer of Secret Comedy Club, is also a teacher of comedy at the Community College of Denver.
  • Your campus can get a custom tailored stand-up comedy show starring students!
  • Call us today and ask about upgrading your show with comedy classes from

I want to bring Secret Comedy Club to my office. What do I tell my boss about Lunch and Laugh?

  • This is the best, new concept in daytime comedy events!
  • Your organization brings a professional stand-up comedy show direct to your lunch room.
  • Get the comedy club experience delivered to your business.
  • We deliver up to an hour of hand crafted, original comedy tailored to your business needs. Bring the team together for the awesome, funny comedy show.
  • Partner with your favorite lunch provider, catering service or food trucks.
  • Add adult beverage or adult comedy, it’s up to you!
  • Contact us for a Secret Comedy Club Lunch and Laugh.

My boss is fun.  However, our Accounting Department is serious. Our Human Resources officers are professionals. Should I tell them about Lunch, Laugh and Learn?

  • Yes! Booking a Secret Comedy Club Lunch, Laugh and Learn is a great way for any business to kick start a message or training.
  • We’re certified in effective teaching, education design and the latest trends in online schooling.
  • Did you know that we teach more than comedy?
  • Contact us to deliver a quality training session paired with a lunchtime comedy show!

Secret Comedy Club - Lunch and Laugh

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