Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about how to hire Colorado Comedy Shows comedians for the best comedy shows! Call (720) 352-6523.

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What are Comedy Show packages?

Our professional comedy shows come with additional promotions and marketing features.

  • Posters and fliers
  • Facebook event pages
  • Radio ads and YouTube videos
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Do you supply promotional or marketing materials?

YES!  If your show needs it, we can tailor your package to provide it!

  • Logo, Poster, Flier, Handbills
  • Web graphics
  • EUGEshow.com YouTube videos
  • Jokes.ChuckRoy.com/LandingPage
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Radio – newspaper advertising
  • Press releases – event listings

Our corporate event is private.  We don’t need marketing.?

Yes.  Please call (720) 352-6523 or use the form on our Get A Quote page.

What makes your comedy show booking service unique?

We start our shows with a professional host or MC.  Experienced comedians start a show with big laughs and lots of fun!

Is that your niche?

Yes.  A professional host is our unique feature  Feedback from our comedians leads to smart ideas like providing PR, marketing and YouTube videos as a comedy show package.

What is your expertise?

Stand-up comedy shows.  We produce live stand-up comedy in theaters, restaurants, bars, lounges, coffee houses, colleges, universities and corporate events.

How do I find comedy shows near me?

Check our Comedy Shows page first.  If you can’t find a Colorado Comedy Show near you please Contact Us.  We’d like to find a venue near you for our terrific comedy shows.

Do you stereotype comedians?

No.  While many comedy companies stereotype their comedy shows, for example, providing acts of color to audiences of color or ‘vanilla’ comedians to corporate events we think that kind of booking is vulgar!  We are happy to provide:

  • Female comedians, male comedians, transgender comedians, non gender comedians
  • Black comedians, white comedians and definitely pink comedians!
  • Funny comedians, artistic comedians, quality comedians and awesome comedians

Do your comedy show packages come from Jokes.ChuckRoy.com?

Yes!  That blog promotes funny comedy shows.

Does your venue need an funny comedy show with awesome marketing?

Hire the best comedians! Use our Get A Quote page or call us at (720) 352-6523!

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