ApocaLips Comedy Show

Virtual Comedy Show

Sunday Nights 7pm (MST)

Live Stream: ApocaLips Comedy Show

Join us for the ApocaLips Comedy Show

ApocaLips Comedy Show is a virtual comedy show starring funny comedians from around the world! You’ll laugh out loud with our virtual comedy club experience. Get the VIP Seat for special recognition and virtual prizes from our professional comedians.

Live Streaming Laughter on YouTube

Colorado Comedy Shows streams most of the comedy show live on our YouTube Channel.

Join the live audience!

Sunday nights, 7pm (MST) on Zoom!

Featuring Funny Comedians from the Best Comedy Clubs

  • Steven Young
  • Mike Langworthy
  • Chuck Roy

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  • $10 General Admission
  • $25 VIP Access
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You get all this cool stuff!

  • 1-hour comedy show
  • Great prizes
  • Virtual comedy club

Laugh with the ApocaLips Comedy Show!

We donate 10% of ticket sales and private event fees to Elevating Connections, a Colorado based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Their Empowering Youth Expressions program provides education and social outlets for siblings separated by foster care.

E’rything ya need to know!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How funny is the ApocaLips Comedy Show?

  • A: “My face hurts!”, Allison S., Nutley, NJ

Q: Should we order take-out or delivery?

  • A: Delivery.

Q: What’s the difference between VIP and General Admission?

  • A: VIP Tickets get special recognition during the show. Plus, they get cooler prizes than General Admission tickets.

How do you join the ApocaLips?

  • Purchase a ticket on Eventbrite.
  • Download the Zoom app.
  • 1-hour before showtime, you’ll get an email with your launch button.
  • Watch the show from (1) device with a few guests.
  • You can share your link with 1 friend. They can watch on their device with friends.
  • Join us 15-minutes before the show to grab a virtual front row seat!
  • Turn your mic on/off . Let the comedians hear you laugh or keep your mic off so you don’t disturb the show.
  • Turn your camera on/off if you want the comedians to see you laugh.

Upcoming Shows

There are no upcoming events.

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Good Questions, Asked Less Frequently

  • Q: Do you provide comedy for virtual happy hours?
  • A: Yes. Our virtual comedy shows are a super fun idea! Nice thinking!
  • Q: My boss says we need a team building activity. Can we get group tickets to the ApocaLips Comedy Show?
  • A: Absolutely! Contact us in advance so we can make your virtual outing a special group event!
  • Q: Can you hear laughter in outer space?
  • A: Only during the ApocaLips.

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