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Professional Stand-up Comedy Showcase

Secret Comedy Club is a professional comedy club experience. Enjoy a professional comedy show at your favorite bars, restaurants, breweries and theaters.

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We deliver an awesome night of comedy!

At Secret Comedy Club you’ll see a giant variety of very funny stand-up comedians.  We scout the best comedy shows in Denver.  As a result, we deliver the funniest comedians directly to you!

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Secret Comedy Club Features

  • The best line-up of comedians!.
  • The funniest new jokes!
  • Original stand-up comedy!
  • Awesome locations close to home!
  • Outstanding food and drinks!

The Benefits of #SecretComedyClub

  • Meet new people.
  • Watch live stand-up comedy.
  • Discover great bars, restaurants and theaters.
  • Share fun experiences.
  • Follow #SecretComedyClub and laugh all month long!

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Our best Secret Audience Members fill out surveys.  We value feedback.  It helps make the show better every time!

Examples Of Our Best Feedback

  • “Liked the variety of comics, it was a great show!”
  • “This was my first ever show and I loved the comedians
  • “What was not to like? Professional Comedians, Great food!! Fabulous libations!! Great service!! I especially liked the Emcee!! She was AWESOME!”
  • “It was hilarious!”

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Who is Secret Comedy Club?

  • Our professional stand-up comedy shows are hand crafted by a funny team of stand-up comedians from Colorado Comedy Shows, LLC.
  • Chuck Roy (Hulu, NetFlix, Red Rocks Amphitheatre) produces each episode to deliver the best audience experience.

What is Secret Comedy Club?

  • This event is a stand-up comedy showcase.
  • The show starts with a professional host comedian experienced at delivering an outstanding evening of comedy.
  • Expect great comedy at the start of every show!
  • Your host will introduce you to a line-up of very funny comedians.
  • You will see a variety of comedians and humor.
  • We search for the funniest comedians, craft original comedy and create a comedy club atmosphere inside of Colorado’s best restaurants, bars, night clubs and theaters.

When is Secret Comedy Club?

  • Public information about secret comedy club events is posted on our Calendar.
  • Private events and secret comedy missions are available.
  • Join the club by confirming your email address.

Where is Secret Comedy Club?

  • Thank you for asking but this information is Top Secret.

How do I get tickets to Secret Comedy Club?

  • A ticket button and link is provided when tickets are available for public purchase.

Secret Comedy Club - Book A Professional Comedy Show

Book Secret Comedy Club at your favorite restaurant, small venue or office!

How can my venue get a Secret Comedy Club?